COVID-19 Update

We are now resuming pickups and deliveries of computers and equipment, but we still prefer to perform repairs remotely when possible. Due to the higher risk of many of our clients, we are taking every precaution during exchanges and have special requirements, which will be communicated upon schedule of pickup or dropoff. While on-site service has largely been a core part of our business, it is possible to perform most of our services remotely and through pickup/dropoff service. At this point we are still not performing on-site service in homes and small offices spaces and do not yet have a date scheduled to resume.

COVID-19 Update

Due to COVID-19, we are currently suspending all regular on-site and in-home service.  We are still offering all remote and telephone support as usual.

Critical SMBv3 Vulnerability

A new critical security vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2020-0796, has been discovered in Windows 10 and Windows Server builds 1903 and 1909.  Please ensure you install latest system patches through Windows Update (specifically patch update KB4551762 addresses this vulnerability.

Electronic recycling now available

A more environmental method to recycle electronics. We irrecoverably destroy data, salvage and rebuild used equipment to give it a second life. Only equipment which has exhausted its useful live is then sent to be broken down for raw materials. This is a much more sustainable cycle. We pickup small quantities for free, and buy large quantities.

Project 9: Virtual Reality for Business

Project 9 is a division of Micrologics specializing in Virtual Reality for business. We produce professional virtual experience content of your products and services so that your customers can experience them at trade shows, malls, corporate or other events. Check it out at

Micrologics invents Artificial Reality

In January 2018 we conceived the idea of a virtual environment that was truly immersive, an environment that is virtually indistinguishable from real live. We aren't there yet, but as technology progresses, the result will be closer and closer to the goal. Project 9 was started as the world's first attempt to commercially achieve the preliminary idea of what we are calling Artificial Reality.

Technology at new heights

Aerial photography, videography and data collection for your personal or business needs. Know you're in good hands, as we only use insured UAV pilots who fly legally under an SFOC issued by Transport Canada.

Happy Windows 10 Day!

Microsoft has released Windows 10 and it is now available for upgrade! If you are running a licensed copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you can get the upgrade until July 29 2016 completely free. If you have pre-registered for Windows 10, you will receive a notice next to your clock telling you it is ready for installation. We are recommending that all clients eligible for this free upgrade proceed with it.

It is important to ensure that you complete a full system backup before performing the upgrade in case anything unexpected occurs. In the event you want to perform a clean install to achieve best possible performance of Windows 10, it will be possible to do after you have initially completed the upgrade.

If you feel uncomfortable completing the upgrade yourself, or desire to have a clean install rather than an upgrade performed and require assistance, please contact us.

Windows 10 is coming

Microsoft is releasing Windows 10 on July 29. We have tested the Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview (prerelease), and have been very happy with usability and performance.

You may have noticed a new icon next to your clock offering you to preregister for Windows 10. This is only a preregistration; this allows you to start downloading Windows 10 before the release date so that you can choose to install it on the release date rather than waiting to download it first. It will not automatically install.

At this point, we are recommending that everyone who is eligable for the free upgrade preregister for it. The preregistration is very simple and does not require any technical knowledge. After the release date, if you are uncomfortable installing the upgrade, please contact us to arrange for a technican to asist you in the process. Remember to make a backup of your data regardless of who is performing the upgrade process.

Internet Explorer Security Flaw

A new zero-day exploit was discovered in ALL current versions of Internet Explorer. If a user lands on a webpage (through a link, web search, spam link, or hijacked website), the remote operator could gain system privileges equivalent to the current running user account. This could be used to infect the computer with a virus, access personal data, eavesdrop on communications, key log credit card numbers/passwords, etc.

Microsoft is currently not expecting to have a patch for this until May 13, and will certainly not be releasing any patches for Windows XP. We are advising all clients running Windows XP operating systems to upgrade or replace these systems as soon as possible. We are advising ALL clients to immediately switch your default web browser to Mozilla Firefox (or other non-affected browser) until the patch has been released and installed from Microsoft.

OpenSSL / Heartbleed Bug

The issue is not truly a "virus" in the traditional sense; what happened is 2 experts from large security firm as well as 1 security expert from Google's security team discovered a flaw in specific versions of OpenSSL encryption. OpenSSL is used by many (NOT all) large website to secure data between your computer and the remote company/bank/government/etc servers. The flaw could allow someone to interpret the scrambled data between you and a bank (for example, ONLY if they were using OpenSSL) and unscramble it to reveal the data being sent (including your password).

The fact is, there have been no confirmed cases that anyone was aware of this bug prior to the security experts finding it, despite it existing for the past 2 years. Upon finding it, the bug was patched and updated by most major companies within hours.

So essentially, your data was compromised ONLY if all the following conditions were true:
1. Someone was aware of this flaw and has exploited it prior to it being found and fixed by security experts, or has been capturing encrypted data with the intention of finding such an exploit
2. You connected to a site who was using specifically OpenSSL (extremely common) and not another implementation of it (less common)
3. The server was running a version of OpenSSL that is actually affected by this bug, and not a prior unaffected version
4. One of extremely few people who were aware of this bug prior to it being fixed has specifically intercepted your data vs anyone else's on the internet

The chance that you personally have been compromised is low, however from a security standpoint, it is certainly advised to change passwords in the off chance it was. Realistically, proper security procedure would be to change passwords with some level of frequency regardless, as well as using strong random alpha-numeric passwords as apposed to basic combinations of regular nouns.

Rogers / Yahoo Users

After many months of Rogers / Yahoo failing to properly lock down their mail servers from users sending out SPAM, they now again have several of their mail servers blacklisted on international SPAM lists. As a Rogers / Yahoo email user, this means that some of your sent emails may not reach their intended recipient, if the recipient’s mail provider is using these SPAM lists (which many are). We believe the root cause of this is due to many accounts being hacked and used to send SPAM globally. We have assisted a number of clients regain access to these accounts after being hacked, and have stressed the necessity to all clients for strong alpha-numeric passwords. Despite the outbreak back in 2011, we are inclined to believe Rogers / Yahoo has not and will not take proper measures to protect its clients. At this point in time, we are recommending all clients using Rogers / Yahoo email services to switch to other email providers who maintain proper network security.

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