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The founders of Micrologics have professionally provided IT services to the Kitchener-Waterloo-Wilmot communities since 1998, and subsequently reorganized and rebranded as Micrologics in 2006.

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Micrologics offers computer repair and support service to Kitchener, Waterloo and Wilmot. This includes desktop tower, laptop, workstation and server hardware repairs as well as software repairs such as blue screens, virus removal, upgrades and troubleshooting. With the transition to remote repair, we now also offer computer repair and support service to all of Canada. As we've established ourselves in the Canadian technology sector, we are now able to offer a complete range of technology solutions, including custom purpose-built data collection and analysis systems.

IT Solutions

We provide IT support, consultation, and sales of new and used hardware. Get help with Cloud and Big Data products. We also buy your discarded IT assets and electronic devices and offer secure data destruction services.

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Research and Development

We prototype your product, from design to circuits to software. We specialize in data collection and analytics.

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Vintage Restorations

We perform component-level restorations on vintage computing hardware. This includes vintage computers, devices, arcade systems, etc.

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Projects of interest

We may have started as just an IT business, but we have progressed into a complete technology solutions provider. We have performed network installations for a large Canadian clothing chain in their retail stores as well as an international coffee chain. We've developed numerous data collection and analysis products, including ones used during manufacturing of several world renowned brands. We've also performed restorations on vintage computing and game systems.


About our partnerships

Google Cloud Partner
Authorized G Suite Reseller

We believe Google provides one of the cleanest and most reliable productivity suites on the market and are thrilled to provide our clients with such a feature full industry leading product.

Lenovo Business Partner

Lenovo is one of the most respected brands in workstations and servers. Over the years their products have always stood up to our expectations


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As COVID-19 rages on, we’ve chosen to protect our staff and clients by transitioning to remote and telephone support.  The good news is that most computer repair services can be performed remotely, or by pickup repair.  Please see our IT Support section for details as to current policies.  Further, during lockdowns we will not be performing ANY onsite service which cannot reasonably be justified as essential.  A service will be deemed essential if it includes a core system necessary for operation or communication of a business, whereby the failure impedes the business from functioning without a reasonably suitable temporary workaround, and cannot be repaired remotely or by pickup repair.

We wish you all a prosperous and safe 2021.

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